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We fertilize, spray, culture, and care for our vines in such a manner that our high quality grapes will provide you with a rich and complete fermentation. Our yields are low, and we produce a crop ideal for premium wines. It's a priority to maintain the health of the vines and the state of the land: we immediately react to situations that need care and prevent hazards from occurring. We walk the fields every day to see how the weather affects the ripening grapes and determine the correct treatments for each section.
Our newer plantings employ a creative technique not seen elsewhere. An 8’ x 10’ "diamond pattern": to catch more sunlight; to receive spraying applications better; and to preserve the soil's nutrient cache.

All vineyards are minimally irrigated, with water coming from a series of ponds. All vines are head pruned, their canes hedged, and the ground mowed. At harvest, the grapes are hand picked into 4x4 half ton bins.

Everything on the ranch matters. Rock walls built by my sons and grandchildren decorate the landscape. My cousins run cattle on the parcels set aside for grazing – and the majority of our land is set aside for wildlife and forest. Hundreds of my father's double-blossom purple lilacs line my driveway. Narcissus, iris, poppies, red hot pokers, fruit trees, herb and vegetable gardens, and wildflowers make for a colorful spring bloom. Make an appointment so you, too can enjoy the land your grapes are sourced from.

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Spinetta Family Vineyards
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