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Press Release - July 28, 2006:


Pictured: Portrait of Grandpa Joe Spinetta taking two horses into the fields for a day's work
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The California Exposition and State Fair announced today that Spinetta Family Vineyards has been inducted into the prestigious California Agricultural Heritage Club, an honor reserved for California agricultural enterprises that have been in operation for one hundred years or more.  Spinetta Family Vineyards has been recognized for 150 years of business.

The California Agricultural Heritage Club originated in the 1940s and recognizes families, farms, ranches, and agribusiness operations that have maintained a financial responsibility in agriculture for at least half a century.  The California State Fair is the sanctioned body that holds these records and facilitates the recognition process.

"The California Agricultural Heritage Club is a wonderful way to recognize our state’s agricultural history.  I’m glad that our state fair has maintained this tradition for nearly sixty years," said Charles Spinetta, owner of Spinetta Family Vineyards.

Spinetta continued by explaining his family’s background in agriculture.  "My family has been farming in Amador County for over 150 years on my mother’s side and over 130 years on my father’s side.  We are quite proud that both sides of my family are early agricultural pioneers in Amador County.  Today, my wife and I operate our vineyards and winery with lots of help from our three sons."

Spinetta’s maternal great great grandfather started his farm and agricultural business in the Clinton area during 1852, and his paternal grandfather started his agricultural career in the Clinton area circa 1871.  Spinetta established his farm in Shenandoah Valley in 1975 and sold his first bottle of wine during 1984.  The family plans to expand their vineyards over the next several years.
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